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April 4, 2019by admin0

The answer is Yes.

Investing in premium names is a marketing strategy, especially SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise) can use to get found and attract customers online. Social media is a good platform to showcase your product and get customers as well, however, having a good premium domain looks more professional and customers can get all the information they need about your company as well as refer a domain to a friend. A premium domain distinguishes you from others, especially, when you have good contents.

It is definitely time for SME to come out and invest in premium names.

SME owners can acquire a registered keyword domain to perfectly express a brand online. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a domain name that says all about your business? A domain name that is easy to remember? A domain name that comes up any time a user search for any of the keywords? Although, a domain name should not only focus on attracting customers but also if the content on the site should be unique. This will help in search engines to drive traffic to SME websites.

Improve Your CPM (Cost Per Impression)

The niche keywords domain name can help you to lift your CTR (Click-Through Rate) while you are busy running CPM campaign on an advertising platform since Google® doesn’t rank a website based on the domain name but on keywords. As mentioned earlier in our previous post, to get value for your investment and to improve your click-through rate (CTR), the best practice is to have your main keyword included in your domain name. A very serious challenge facing online marketing today is how to get more value clicks out of the Pay-Per-Click and reducing cost in an advertisement. A premium domain name with keywords will naturally boost your SEO ranking.

The Niche Domain Name can be An Ideal Solution for Startup Companies in many ways.

For example, if you are in lead generation business, and having your business URL OR OR if you are dealing in home mortgage and looking for leads, you can come up with a landing page or site with exact keyword domain name OR

Investing in new gTLD keyword domain names make a lot of sense, especially if your site is completely new and starting from scratch, no matter whatever domain extension you adapt it’s required some extent of a campaign to promote your site to bring your business visibility. Let say’s If you are willing to invest in a premium name of $10,000 from your marketing budget and can acquire similar or more relevant keyword domain name in new gTLD with 98% cheaper, then, I do not see the reason for spending $10,000 since you have to put the same effort to promote after spending $10,000 as well.

Whereas from your saved budget amount 40—45% can be invested in promoting that site and receive a better result and business recognition. And top you are still saving half of the marketing budget.

Besides, if your CPM campaign brings 2-3% conversion, how about the remaining audience who saw your ad but at that time might not having the budget to use your service or that moment they are using your competitor or might be thinking your services is not necessary at that moment, so how would you want them to remember your company website URL when they actually need your services?

a) Catch audience attention through your business URL recognition:

What type of service do you render? Is it reflected in your domain name? These are important things to look out for. For example, if you run an oil change shop, your domain name can be Note that the domain name contains the service of the organization, the service being rendered, and the location. When a potential customer is ready for your service, it would be easy for him/her to remember your domain.

b) Short Domain Names are easy to remember, usually one or two words followed by the niche industry or generic extension. A short domain gives an organization the credibility it needs to develop its brand. However, the new gTLDs proposes a short and customisable domain name that is easy to remember by users. This makes it easy to choose a targeted audience and even easier to locate a website via keyword search.

c) As earlier mentioned internet surfers should be able to know from the company’s URL that they are in specific business. The matter of trust, credibility, and branding can all be protruded in a keyword domain.

d) Cost-effectiveness in terms of ROI and in CPM campaigns:

The cost of investment in the premium domain is a bit expensive in the first year because of the value they owned. Premium keyword domains are sure to get a return on investments due to the high credibility attracted to the website. The money spent on advert campaigns are also gotten back in a short space as a result of the high user engagement.

The whole philosophy behind having niche category domain name is to attract your audience, help them remember your website URL, improve your credibility, and encourage them to click on your URL when they find you in 10 displayed results of a search. Premium domain names are more than just a registered domain name. For SME businesses and startups, premium keyword domains are marketing tools to help grow and establish your business by increasing customer’s engagement, trust and in return increasing revenue.

In all honesty, the right time to invest in Premium Domain Name is now, with the availability of the new gTLDs, you stand a greater chance of boosting your revenue and getting ROI quickly. Aron Meystedt in an interview with Heritage Auctions in Dallas mentioned that “a topflight domain name can give your business benefits such as authority status, credibility, and trust in the marketplace, which you won’t be able to get from day one if you landed your business on a non-premium asset. Many premium domain names exist in traffic which you can convert into customers possible leads,” he further mentioned that “statistics have actually shown that when a domain name that’s premium is listed in search engines, users are more likely to click on that name because they perceive it has being trustworthy and has credibility.”

Do exact match domain name holds weight?

Yes, they do.

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